Used Cars/Money Rescinded!!

Dear Roger,
I can’t thank You enough for your help and guidance in battling Metro Robbers in Portland to have my money rescinded. I just wanted to come back to throw you a huge THANK YOU!!! and to let people know what great ally they have in you!! Also do not let these car dealerships keep your thousands of dollars….there is a way to make things right!!   From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!! You are my new HERO!!!
Leslie Martin




Thank you Leslie…Glad to help!

For those of you reading this and wondering WT heck? Leslie wrote to me through allexperts.com asking me for advice on a problem she was having with an Oregon Auto Dealer.

Specifically, she had bought a car and put $2,000 down that didn’t have good plates and did not pass DEQ (smog) so she took it to the dealer and he said he would fix it so it would pass … and for the next 60 days her car was in and out of their shop sometimes sitting there for many weeks at a time. about 3 months into her purchase and still not having a car to drive she stopped making payments (it was financed internally by the dealer) it got to the point where they wouldn’t give her her car back because they said she was past due on her payment and they planned on going thru the repossession process and screwing her out of the $2,000 she put down and the $600.00 for the 2 payments she made. That’s when she contacted allexperts.com and me.

I sent her a copy of Oregon law dealing with the dealers obligation to get the car to pass and if they couldn’t after 60 days they were required to unwind the deal and return all money paid. Armed with this info the dealer told her to pound sand and thats when she asked if I would help her by proof reading her letter to them and to make any changes necessary …which I did…it wasn’t until I wrote the second letter for her to send to them that they immediately contacted her and told her to come pick up a check for her $2,600.00 …The good guys won! This process took about a month but she hung with it and we wouldn’t let the dealer steam roll her and she got her money back!

Congratulations Leslie … you beat them!



Recission Agreement Used Car http://en.allexperts.com/q/Used-Cars-3440/2013/2/recisson-used-car.htm 

Get Out of the Contract Help!   http://en.allexperts.com/q/Used-Cars-3440/2013/2/recission-used-car.htm

Got My Money Back ! http://en.allexperts.com/q/Used-Cars-3440/2013/3/money-rescinded.htm


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