The Pitchfork List Represents the Worst Used Cars

Knowing which cars to buy is the first step in used car buying.
This list shows which used cars to avoid. It is compiled from overall reliability data covering models with below-average reliability. Problems with the expensive to repair components such as engine, engine cooling, transmission, and drive system were weighted more heavily than other problems.

For the best used cars to buy see the Halo List

Pitchfork List:

BMW 535i twin turbocharged model – (lemon law sites abound on this otherwise beautiful car)

Cadillac STS – (google “cadillac STS problems” and pick your year)

Chevy Suburban – (oil cooler line inside radiator makes a bad combo and expensive brakes)

Dodge Grand Caravan – (2005-2011, the days of Chrysler putting out good minivans are over)
Dodge Durango – (you know there’s a problem when lawyers advertise for Durango owners)

Ford Thunderbird – (retro in every way including the quality)

GMC Canyon (4WD) – (in the canyon is where they generally end up)
GMC Jimmy – (another GM product that was behind the times. Much better suv’s out there)
GMC S-15 Sonoma (4WD) –  (2wd not bad but not the 4wd. Look out)
GMC Safari. –  (can GM make a product that doors and handles work?)

Honda Odyssey – (huge transmission problems in 1999-2001)

Jeep Grand Cherokee –  (besides the leather seats a completely sad  product all around)

Kia Sedona (pre 2006) –  (cheap, cheap, cheap, and fall apart quality)

Land Rover Discovery, LR3 –  (I love England but not these overrated machines)

Lincoln Aviator – (environmental and financial nightmare)

Mazda RX-8 – (recall king and for very good reason)

Mercedes-Benz SL- (very, very expensive to maintain but could be worth it if money means nothing)

Nissan Titan (4WD) – (self destructive cheap bumpers – oversize wimp of a car)
Nissan Pathfinder 2005-2006 – (oil cooler line inside the radiator results in transmission failure)

Nissan Frontier 2005-2006 – (oil cooler line inside the radiator results in transmission failure )

Nissan Xterra 2005-2006 – (oil cooler line inside the radiator results in transmission failure)

Oldsmobile Bravada – (a pitiful SUV overflowing with built-in obsolescence)
Oldsmobile Silhouette – (get another minivan, please get another minivan)
Oldsmobile Alero – (constant wheel bearing problems – things just fall apart on a daily basis)

Pontiac Aztek – (unreliable and most likely the ugliest car ever, and I mean ever, built)
Pontiac G6 – (poorly constructed image vehicle sold to poor image conscious people)
Pontiac Montana, Trans Sport, Montana SV6 –  (much better choices out there, just about anything)

Saab- All Models All Years

Saturn Relay – (Saturn had some good days but they were clearly over by this time)
Saturn Vue – (can you say “another transmission please?”)

Subaru Forester – (pre 2003 internal head gasket failure on an otherwise stellar car)
Subaru Impreza – (ditto)
Subaru Legacy – (ditto)
Subaru Outback – (ditto)

Toyota 4runner 1990-1994 – (a rare miscue by Toyota – expensive head gasket failures)

Volkswagen Cabriolet
Volkswagen Jetta Sedan (turbo)
Volkswagen Jetta Sedan (V6)
Volkswagen Touareg


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